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Dilltech Private Server

Take Control with the Dilltech Private Server
The Dilltech Private Server provides you a Virtual Private Server, with full control over your own logical Unix server. Each Dilltech Private Server is just like a dedicated server - you have total control, reliability, and security. With full root access, you can compile and install any software desired (including standard Linux RPMs), modify all server configuration files, create POP3, IMAP, FTP, Telnet, etc. users, and do anything else you can do on a dedicated server.

Every Dilltech Private Server is a protected and private server - no other users on the same server will be able to see your data, or even be aware of your presence. Each Dilltech Private Server has its own dedicated kernel, which means that if another user on the physical server crashes their private server, your Private Server is not affected. No other Dilltech Private Server on the physical server can affect your Dilltech Private Server in any way. In addition, and best of all, each Dilltech Private Server has its own dedicated, guaranteed resource allocation (RAM, CPU and disk space). You will always be able to fully utilize the resources allocated to you (no more worries of "some other user" hogging resources on a shared server) - guaranteed. And, at times when other users are not using all their resources allocated, your Dilltech Private Server can use more (the guaranteed service level is a minimum, not a maximum).

The Dilltech Private Server is very easy to use. Through the intuitive web-based Dilltech Private Server Administrator you can accomplish all you need to do (there is no need to know how to operate a Unix server), such as managing your server, examining its statistics, and even creating and managing virtual sites, users, DNS, and processes. The Dilltech Private Server will give you your own dedicated server at a fraction of a cost of a physical server and is easier to use than a dedicated server. The Dilltech Private Server is the ideal resource for ReSeller who want to brand and control their own services, while taking advantage of our Network and Services.

Fully Functional Virtual Server
Unlimited POP e-mail accounts with aliasing, forwarding and autoresponders
Unlimited websites
Telnet and SSH access to /root CGI and FTP and Stats for you and your clients
FrontPage 2000 extentions
MivaMerchant and other services available

Brand Your Own Services
Your Own DNS Server
Easy to use Ensim powered control panel that is brandable with your logo

Full Control Over All Your Server Functions
Add domains and services instantly through your own Control Panel
Give your users their own Control Panel for managing mail and web services, including permissions, etc. You set the limits.
Apache Web Server 1.3.9
Sendmail SMTP server 8.9.3
IMAP/POP3 Server 4.7
Telnet Server
ProFTP File Transfer Proctol(FTP) server 1.2
Analog web log analyzer 4.0.3
Microsoft Frontpage 2000 extensions 4.0
Majordomo Mailing List server 1.94.5
Apache Modules: mod_php 3.0.16 and mod_perl 1.21
Perl script
Python script 1.5.2
gcc C/C++ Compiler 2.95.3
Lynx Text-based browser 2.8.2
WWWBoard discussion board 2.0.alpha2
WebCal Web-based Calendar 3.01
Melange Chat Server (Linux only) 1.1
Vacation auto responder (Linux only) 1.1.1
DNS - Bind 8

The Details
10 Dedicated IP addresses
Additional ip's are available in blocks of 5 for $10 per block, per month
Full support for "name based" hosting
With named based hosting hundreds of sites can be hosted on a single ip#
One Gigabtye of Disk Storage
35 GB of Data Transfer
Additional bandwidth is $50 per 10GB block
$250 a month
One time setup fee of $150

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